How To Install Subway Tiles In A Small Bathroom

If you think tiling is the same thing whether the room is big or small, you make a big mistake. Based on firsthand experience, installing tiles on the wall of a small bathroom can be very challenging. And when you are dealing with subway tiles, things might get a little bit more complicated.

Now, I am not trying to make you feel bad if your bathroom is small; I am only preparing your mind for your next renovation. Meanwhile, you don’t have to go through inconveniences while tiling your small bathroom necessarily. Indeed, you can install your subway tiles perfectly if you have a guide from a professional perspective. And that’s what this written tutorial will offer you.

Starting from the start, laying out the tiles is among the most significant challenges when installing subway tiles on a bathroom wall, especially if it is a small bathroom with one door. 

I know you will love to line up your subway tiles to line up accurately at the door, but you won’t be able to start your tiling there. If you want to set things right, you need to begin installing at a point very distant from the door. Else, you may end up tiling yourself to a tight corner which can be big trouble. 

Instead of starting your tiling from the back door, I figured out that it is better to plan how you would want to layout your subway tiles before installing. That way, you will quickly get your desired result. Aside from that, it is the only way to lay your tiles perfectly with accurate spacing.

When it comes to installing tiles on a bathroom wall, the first row determines how the whole set will come out at the end of the day. If I sound more professional, getting the first set of tiles right will make the entire installation process bliss.

Now, let’s go into the details.

If you have found it challenging to install subway tiles on your small-sized bathroom wall, or you want to layout your tiles successfully without tiling yourself into a corner, here are professional tips on how you can install subway tiles without stress within the shortest time possible.

Installing Subway Tiles On Your Bathroom Wall 

Before we learn the installation process, we must discuss the materials you will need for the little renovation project. Here are the vital supplies for the work:

  • Subway Tiles
  • Tile Spacers 
  • Measuring Tape 
  • Framing Square 
  • Long Level
  • Thinset and Trowel 

Now, let’s learn the settings.

Setting Out the Wall Tiles 

Before you even consider mixing your thinset, the first thing to do is create time to lay all the tiles out. And, if you want to have a perfect layout, you need first to ask yourself these three essential questions:

  • What kind of layout do you want to achieve? Take your time to decide on the pattern, shape angles and many more.
  • Where is the most prominent part of the tiles?
  • How do you want to layout the tiles in the given area? Are you going to use cut tiles, or everything will be whole?

Perhaps my personal experience might give you a more precise direction. For example, when I wanted to tile my bathroom, I tried to lay all the tiles wholly right from the entrance. So, in the end, I laid the tiles out in a simple square pattern, though I had to rotate some tiles so that the corners could come together to form a complete design. 

Feel free to play the available spacers to check how they will look with grouts between them. More so, don’t be afraid to pull out as many subway tiles as possible and lay them out. Meanwhile, you can lay them on the floor to view as the whole layout would appear.

Once you have determined your desired layout, you can take the picture to save it for reference. That way, you will view it as a guide when you are laying your subway tiles.

Planning The Installation Of Your Subway Tiles

Now is the time for you to determine where you want to start the tiling. Don’t forget that you don’t want to tile yourself into a corner. So, you can set the thinset for at least 24 hours before you attempt walking on it. Else, you throw away all your hard work with a single mistake.

Carefully layout the subway tiles with the tile spacers between them. Make sure the wall tiles are tight against the tile spacers to give you an accurate measurement. Then take a measure of the completed laid out tiles.

Use a level (or straight line) to continue this line across the entire bathroom floor. Do not entirely rely on all your walls being square; that is why I prefer the framing square and level instead.

Installing Subway Tiles On The Wall

Now, it’s time for you to begin installing the tiles on the wall of your small bathroom. If you are a newbie in tiling, this article details how you can go about it from start to finish. Note that I learned many of these facts about tiling during my first Do-It-Yourself bathroom renovation projects. 

You can start by cutting a few tiles and dry-fit them around the bathroom opening to double-check your layout before you begin to tile. That way, you have already set the pace.

While installing your bathroom tiles, make sure that you pay careful attention to your layout line. To be sure, you don’t obscure the line. As for me, I used my trowel to lay the thin-set going from the line toward the back wall. 

Continue installing your subway tiles along the entire line and follow it through to the back of the bathroom. Next, make sure you tile yourself towards the door. After that, you can proceed to lay the tiles from the back to the front.

And there you have it! I bet you will pat yourself on the back for making efforts to ensure the tiles comes out in the accurate layout and correct pattern. Now, note that you have to reinspect the whole wall to ensure that you perfectly design bathroom wall tiles.