Trendy Ideas on Herringbone Tiles in 2021

Trendy Ideas on Herringbone Tiles in 2021

Herringbone tiles on the floor and walls of homes can create such a versatile look for practically any room. This versatility, no doubt, is one of the reasons why this style has been trending in modern interior designs. Obviously, herringbone tiles are a better choice than carpets in that they can shield off dust, fluids, and moisture that would otherwise ruin carpets. On the other hand, the rug will absorb those substances and lead to a less hygienic environment. But the herringbone tiles pattern is clean and smooth, something similar to regular wall tiles. 

There are several ideas out there online regarding the most effective ways to create herringbone terrazzo tiles. But the most probable ones must be from professionals with firsthand experience in both the use and installation in different cultures. By the way, I have had several people compare herringbone tiles to using tools for the same design. And a simple test of which is better can be seen from different weather conditions. Tiles are more useful and widely acceptable than woods.

Meanwhile, our focus in this article is different from that. We want to look at some of the trendy ideas for installing herringbone tiles in your home. Let us carefully follow.

Accentuate the wall to attract attention to that part of the room

Creating an accent wall is one way to make people look in that direction. Ordinarily, even if you paint a particular wall with a different colour from the rest, it attracts attention. How much more if you have it highlighted in the fantastic herringbone tiles style. An accent wall in interior design became very popular in the early 2000s when homeowners pick a wall to paint in bright colours, contrasting the rest of the room in neutral colours. The neutral colour of the other parts of the room could be white or any choice of muted hues.

However, the other part of the uniqueness of an accent wall is the role it plays in the entire room. So, instead of using paint for the accent, why not use a wooden or tiled herringbone structure for the wall just behind your bed. The headboard of your bed deserves a particular treatment, and the accent wall with herringbone tiles can give you just that. Alternatively, you may even decorate only a portion of the wall or the entire wall. Another way to contrast is to choose a different colour, material or texture for the other side. Explore with your imagination.

Choose the classic Herringbone Tile floor from wood or marble

Whether you choose wood or marble, your herringbone design for interior decoration is one of the best choices you can make for the home. It is hard to go wrong with the timeless herringbone design for your room floor or wall. Meanwhile, when you have a neutral palette on the floor, it becomes an opportunity to enhance the overall design with a classic choice, such as the herringbone tiles style. You may choose to go bright with a combination of the tiles and the grout or use the minimalist approach. Both can give an exquisite output. 

However, don’t forget that the term ‘classic’ does not in any way mean boring.  In fact, a classic choice indicates that you have a better hold on the type of canvas that is best for your walls. And no matter how simple you make the floor look, the herringbone tiling pattern comes with various shades to choose from for your floor or wall. These shades are part of your creative ways to create a unique environment within your home. 

Make room for light reflections on herringbone tile surfaces

The choice of glass herringbone for the shower or bathroom is excellent for two compelling reasons. It helps maximize the amount of light in the room and adds a reflection from shiny surfaces while you bathe. The second reason is that water can easily clean off these herringbone surfaces because they are more visible on these surfaces than on translucent colours. As earlier stated, accent walls are great for dark-coloured tiles but more appropriately in the shower. 

On the other hand, the accent wall can be more challenging to maintain, except you have another means of removing water and stain from the surfaces. In addition, some stains cannot be removed by mere bleach or toilet cleaner without leaving white residues on the tile surface. Therefore, instead of struggling with the cleaning process of regular tiles, minimize your struggle by choosing the glass or light coloured ceramic tiles laid in the herringbone pattern.

Create a focal point in the kitchen with a herringbone splashback

Unlike the bathrooms, kitchen splashback can be an excellent way to protect immediate walls. For instance, the wall behind your kitchen cooker may need to be protected against oil and water stains. Other places that may require a backsplash is the stove and kitchen sink area. An accent wall may not be enough to protect these surfaces. Still, you need a herringbone tile collection that is both beautiful and easy to maintain.

Particularly, suppose your renovation or building project is on a low budget. In that case, the herringbone tiles style is still a perfect choice for you. You may also decide to cover only a portion of the kitchen wall to create that portion. There are no strict rules to what we can do with the walls or floors, but the herringbone tiles are great at these surfaces for the best show of elegance and beauty. 

Highlight your outdoor areas with Herringbone tiles

We have said enough of how herringbone tiles can flush the indoor portion of the home. But we are yet to learn of the beauty the herringbone tiles can add to the outdoor amount of the house. Herringbone can also work perfectly for your home’s outdoor portion, especially when made in contrast to the layout colour or pattern. But then, why is it essential to install Herringbone in the floor space of your home?

One fundamental reason is that the herringbone tiles or wood style can prolong your quality of furniture and other items. For instance, if you have furniture on grass constantly exposed to dirt and moisture, better maintenance is to floor the portion with Herringbone styled wood or tiles. It further creates a more befitting environment that limits the amount of dirt that gets to it.